On hating ever single fucking word you write down.


Is it normal to hate every single fucking word you write down? I know I do.

It’s been two days since I started this project and all that keeps rattling around in my brain is: why on earth am I writing this blog? I must sound so dumb. Why am I sitting here, staring at my computer screen like some sort of unstoppable moron, typing nonsense into this content box. I really have no clue, honestly.

It’d probably have something to do with the fact that growing up, I thought I was going to be a sports writer. Actually I was more convinced I was going to be a sports writer, like it was some pre-ordained fact that from ages 20 – 75, I’d be pumping out the juiciest long-form, tear-jerking, PANTS-POOPING journalism manifestos for Sports Illustrated every single week until my untimely death on the sidelines of the 2065 Robot Slam Ball World Series. Alas, although I did complete J-School and become a fully-licensed journalist, I just ended up losing interest in reporting (and writing altogether for that matter) and began to pursue different interests.


You know what though? After a few years, I missed writing. I actually enjoyed writing. I find it stimulating recording all of the idiotic thoughts in my head, if, for no other reason, just so I can remember some of thoughts I thought that one time. And so, that’s what this space is for me. A place on the internet where I can say what I want and hopefully share some really interesting and captivating thoughts of people who actually DO know what they’re talking about.

I have some advice. It’s rather new advice considering I only discovered it like a day ago (does this still count?), but nonetheless, still advice. If you’re one of the three people that end up reading this and you’ve been thinking about starting something yourself, anything, you know what? Just fucking do it. Just fucking do it and who cares what anyone else thinks. The internet is full of savages REGARDLESS. No matter what you do, people will find a way to belittle your efforts, so might as well invite them right up into your personal space so that they can make fun of your awful writing and shitty ideas.


Because the funny thing about the internet is, it’s also an amazing, amazing tool. Quite simply, it’s the live collective of all humanity’s thoughts, ideas, history, misery and genius, constantly growing and changing, easily accessible and searchable. Just think about that. THAT IS FUCKING WILD. TBL done us a huge solid with the internet. Plus, for every negative person out there — and there’s a shit ton — there’s also an equally massive community of FANTASTIC people that exist, willing to support whatever you do, provide constructive feedback and let you know you’re doing a great job. And that makes it all worth it.


So take advantage, it’s fucking 2016. Everyone has thoughts and ideas. Sure, not all of them are brilliant. Sure, some are straight up caca in your Old Navy jeans. But that’s what the internet is for. Is it normal to hate every single fucking word you write down? Probably. But odds are — and they may be slim — but odds are someone else out there on the internet might not.

Fuck, they may even actually like it.

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